Supporting people and organizations to make use of Geographical Information:

  • Infrastructure (Spatial Database, Desktop-GIS applications)
  • Digital Content (Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Cartography, OpenStreetMap)
  • Trainings (QGIS, GRASS GIS)


database_pg Geo-Database
Bring order into your pile of information. Depending on the size of your project, this can be done on a file-based system, or, for more complex projects, with database-management systems.
Geo Processing Geo-Processing
Make something out of what you have: look at it, combine it, refine it or build models, and finally, get something totally new out of it that was not visible before.
geodata_vis_small Geo-Visualization/Mapping
Make it look good. This will help to make your complex datasets more interesting and understandable for everyone.




Powerful and user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System


Geographic Resources Analysis System — The world leading free software GIS


The world’s most advanced open source database with support for geographic objects.


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